UK’s GCHQ collects data without a warrant

According to the Guardian, it appears that the fine people in the United Kingdom like Americans are seeing their privacy be eradicated by their government. In addition to any personal information, the government tracks and records your browsing habits and stores that information for up to two years.

If you’re connected, Apple listens

SlashDot is reporting that Apple’s latest version of OS X seems to be spying on the user once he is connected to the Internet. This is pretty interesting considering that this latest version was already released to the public at large and not a preview release like Windows 10 which was found to be doing the same thing.

ArsTechnica has now confirmed the story and is providing more detail on what the corporation is doing with its new operating system.

RSA encryption compromised by deal with the NSA

Further evidence that proprietary encryption technology is probably not your best bet for total security, Reuters reports that the NSA arranged a secret contract with RSA, one of the most influential firms in the computer security industry.

US Government threatened Yahoo with 250K fine if didn’t use PRISM

For those of you who believe that the American government couldn’t possibly be any more invasive of your privacy, it turns out that it was very well prepared for any party which would refuse to take part in mass surveillance. According to Ars Technica, the government would have fined Yahoo $250,000 a day had it not played along. Click here to read more.

The NSA spies on virtually everyone

In what is likely to be very redundant news, it seems as though the world’s borders will not stop the NSA from spying on individuals. Only Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia are spared, though I don’t even believe that much. More from Ars Technica.

Germany’s cooperation with the NSA

For those of you who believe that the NSA is a problem limited to the United States, an article describing how Germany’s foreign intelligence service enabled and facilitated cooperation with the NSA has just been released demonstrating that no nation is safe from the American “Big Brother.” More from Spiegel Online.

Microsoft offered NSA free access to SkyDrive / OneDrive

It appears that Microsoft openly offered the NSA access to cloud data (from SkyDrive/OneDrive) to support the PRISM program. I’ve had my suspicions for a while but it appears that there truly is no reason to trust Microsoft whatsoever. I will be deleting anything I am currently keeping on OneDrive from the site right after this post. More from ITProPortal.

NSA tampers with US-made routers before they ship

According to Glenn Greenwald, if you are buying a router which was manufactured in the United States, you are likely buying a product which has already made it to the hands of the NSA and which would make it impossible for you to have even the illusion of privacy in your home network. More from The Guardian.