How the NSA uses third-party cookies to track

For years, I’ve been disabling third-party cookies in any browser I used because I didn’t see why information going to and from sites other than the one I was visiting made any kind of logical sense. Well, it turns out that these cookies are utilized by the NSA for the purpose of tracking. More.

Shocker: The American media is not talking about the Trans Pacific Partnership

Even though signing the Trans Pacific Partnership into law would give foreign corporation the power to sue our country in addition to allowing them to censor whatever content they want at will, the media we count on for our news is not talking about it at all. Essentially, they don’t want you to know about the laws which will radically change your Internet life. More from Common Dreams.

FBI forcing ISPs and phone companies to install port readers

As if they don’t know enough about us already, the FBI has decided to insist for all communications companies to install port readers which will essentially allow them to get whatever data they need from you regardless of which operating system you use and which precautions you take to protect yourself. More from ACLU.

Angry Birds used as a spy tool

Would you enjoy Angry Birds as much if you knew that the NSA was using the game to probe your device for all of your personal information? It appears that the agency is using popular entertainment as yet another tool for identifying each one of us and monitoring our activities. More from ProPublica.

If you’re using TorMail, so is the FBI

There used to be a belief that using Tor or TorMail would keep you anonymous from law enforcement. It looks like this is no longer the case and that the rather secure network has been compromised. The ‘man’ intends to know everything about us and they will. Read more from TechDirt.

Researchers finally notice that Facebook is a disease

As we already know, Facebook is a disease which needs to be destroyed so that human beings can once again learn how to communicate with one another and realize that nobody gives a shit about what they ate for dinner and want to see a photo even less. Now, researchers have confirmed it.